Basic Steps

For specific procedures, see below topic heading: “How to submit a News Release.” 

The following present the basic steps for World Markets (WM) vendors to post and promote a vendor’s news release.  WM accepts news release content in any one of the required three formats.  

The detailed steps and procedures to create and submit a vendor created news release are presented in this KB Article.  That includes specific tasks with images showing the entries and clicking required to complete the actual news submittal to WM for publication.  See:

The tasks and guidance to create and prepare the news release content are discussed in three separate KB Articles.  Each one addresses a separate and unique type of news release.  These three formats include: (1) Announcing a Vendor Has Joined World Markets; (2) Announcing a Product Marketing and Promotion Program and/or Special Sale; and (3) Announcing the Release of a New Product.

To review these three topics see these specific KB Articles: 

1] KB Article titled: “News Release- Announcing Vendors’ WM participation.” This publication format is use to announce the vendor has chosen to join the WM family and use WM to sell their products.

2] KB Article titled: “News Release- Announcing How to Submit a Vendor’s Product Marketing and Promotional Program.”  This publication format is used to announce the vendor has chosen to offer a product marketing and promotional program or special sales program.  The announced sales event is to move product by price discounts, or some type of incentive, to get the shopper to buy.

3] KB Article titled: “News Release- Announcing How to Submit a News Release for a NEW Product.” This publication format is used to announce the vendor has just added a new product for sale at WM.

4] The final support KB Article, supporting a vendor created new release, addresses available images; which are available for a vendor to use in news releases to be published by WM.  See KB Article titled: “News Release- How to Obtain Vendor News Release Images.”

WM suggest vendors use the following ten (10) basic steps to create a successful WM published news release:

1] Establish the basic marketing and promotional program, special sales program and/or the general message to be presented to WM shoppers and the public.

2] Identify the product(s), if any, that are to be included, or the focus, of the planned news release.

3] Select the times and dates, if any, that this news release needs to be published and the time period and dates the sale or promotional program is to be in effect.

4] Create the text of the message you desire to deliver to the online shoppers.  Make it concise and informative.  Review it and re-write it to assure it will be effective and accurate.

5] If desired, create and/or select the images, if any, to be included in the news release.  Make sure you have the legal rights to use any copy written images.  WM offers FREE images for news release usage.  See KB Article titled: “News Release- How to Obtain Vendor News Release Images.”

6] Enter the desired text and images through a Word or other e-document using a WM Support Center ticket submittal form.  Attach the text and images to the submittal. Copy and retain the ticket submittal number.

7] Quickly respond to any request from the WM news publication team for clarification or additional data.

8] Notify loyal customers and their friends and family to view the news release and participate in any sales events.  The WM posted news release, at the bottom of the web-page, provides the means to send-out or re-broadcast the posted news release.  Use these tools to maximize distribution of your published news release.

9] If the news release addresses the sale of products at a new price or sales price, at the appropriate time, log into your WM vendor account and setup the actual sales prices, discounts and coupons, then perform the other related tasks.  At the end of the sales event or marketing program, log in and reset listed products to prior pricing, end discounts, etc.

10] Begin planning and preparing another news release.  The more quality news release you submit the more attention your business band and product brands receive.  A good plan is to submit a news release once a week; but at least once every two weeks, which is twice a month.  There are million of webpages on the Internet, you get noticed and viewed if the billions of online shoppers know what you are offering.  No notice to the shoppers and they will not know to visit you.  Create and issue good news releases regularly.  Remember by using the WM News Site your publications are FREE.

This ten step procedure is not difficult.  Learn how by stepping up, and creating and requesting, your first news release.  Read the respective and helpful KB Articles and get started.  If you need assistance or have questions, either send in a support ticket at the WM Support Center or contact the WM vendor support team.

How to Submit News Releases 

For guidance on how to prepare, create and write a good news release for various purposes see the Topic Heading above “Basic Steps.”  For other news release KB Articles search the KB data base using the key word: “News Release” and/or “Announcement.”  To perform data base searches, Select the Knowledge Base option and the following screen will appear:

Complete the associated KB form as follows:

  • If you have the Article number, select the “Search Type” option and select “Article ID” from the drop-down list.  In the “Search” option window enter the Article ID and click on search.  

  • If you have the Article title, select the “Search Type” option and select “Article Content” from the drop-down list.  In the “Search” option window enter the Article title and click on search. 

  • If you have neither of these items use the “Article Content” option and enter some key search words into the search window.  For example:

Announcement, news release, promotions, marketing, or other key word and click on search.  

  • For a key word search the “Folder” option can be set on “All Folders” or any other appropriate folder listed in the Folder window.

The procedures required to submit a news release includes:

The vendor is required to submit a support ticket at the WM Support Center.  The ticket is to be submitted with an attachment(s) of the desired news release content and any desired images. See section “Submittal of Attachment Files” below, for more details.

Upon acceptance, WM will release a unique WM Consumer Shopping News Blog Post publishing the news. If the submittal is rejected or cannot be posted, WM will respond and specify the reasons.

After you have created the content of your news release, including all text and any images, submit this data to the WM team.  Use the WM “Submit a Ticket” option at the WM Support Center.


Under the “Department” option use the drop-down list to select “Vendor Submit News Release” and click next.

The following screen will appear:

Follow the instructions below to correctly enter the requested data fields. 

  • ( * ):  Indicates a required field.
  • Display Name:  Name of the contact submitting the request
  • Email:  Respond to – email address 
  • Subject:  Enter - “request for a news release. 
  • Message Body:  Include a short description regarding attachments and the general purpose of the submitted News Release.
  • Attachment (1):  You must attach the text content file to be used for publication.  See section below - Submittal of Attachment Files – for additional details, requirements and samples.

Attachment (2) and (3):  You have an option of including a business logo image in this news release.  If you want your logo image to be included, attach the image. If you submit an image you have or have obtained, you MUST have copyright authority to use the image and the image size must be no larger than 300x300.  If you chose to use one of WM supplied images, WM will take care of the image sizing.  WM is granting you a limited right to use the copyrights to the WM supplied images.  All WM supplied FREE images are available from the KB Article titled:  “News Release- How to Obtain Vendor News Release Images.”

  • Enter verification code: For security, you must enter the provided verification code. This code is case sensitive.

Once the “Ticket” information is completed select the Next button and you will receive a “Ticket Number.” 

Write down and keep this number as it provides a reference for the submittal.  The ticket number should be included in any correspondence addressing this subject.

Submittal of Attachment Files

The content of your news release is to be delivered to the WM Team through a Word doc, or other form of e-document and attached to the submitted support ticket.

Here is the content required in the submitted document and the preferred delivery format:

Vendor Name at WM: Your WM vendor account login user name.

WM may provide the news release opening line: An example:

We are excited to announce [Business Name] has joined the World Markets family and is now offering shoppers many great new products.

Your submitted request will provide WM your desired text content

Your approved text that describes your business and in general the products that your business offers for sale.  The description should be easy to read and understand and be an accurate summary.

When does it start and end (Dates and Times) 

How does a shopper participate

What are the possible rewards or benefits 

The online location of the detailed program rules and terms. 

The text should promote the News Releases and encourage WM shoppers to participate.


Your News Release must be compliant with the laws and regulations regarding give-a-ways. 

WM does not provide your business with any pre-set or pre-established product news release text.  However, WM does offer many features and tools your business can use to create a customized news release.  See the topics below for a description of these promotional features and services.  Also see KB Articles that address the topic or subject of your proposed news release.  Use the KB Search feature and search for key words such as: News Release, Announcement, Product Release, Marketing and others.

Size Rules:   Your submitted content text should not be more that 1,000 words or about 2 typed pages in 12 point font.  The submittal of images with a request is optional.  If you submit one of the WM provided images, WM will adjust the image size to fit the news release.  If you use an image you have created or obtained, you MUST have copyright authority to use the image and the image size must be no larger than 300x300.  Any standard image format will be accepted however; for brightness and clarity a png format is preferred.

WM offers vendors FREE promotional and marketing images for use in news releases and product sales promotions.  To view and/or download one or more of the WM provided promotional images, with limited re-publication rights, go to the WM Support Center.  Select the Knowledge Base option and search using the key words “News Release” and “News Release Images,”

Select the Knowledge Base option. 

The following screen will appear:

You may also view the Folder option, select “How to” from the drop-down list.  In the Search option window, type KB Article title: “News Release- How to Obtain Vendor News Release Images.”

Here are a few of the more than 50 available FREE images provided by WM to assist your news release in drawing viewers and shoppers:

Re-broadcasting Services

As soon as WM posts your news release it can be forwarded with or without a note, to anyone. Use either: email [M]; Blog; Share to Twitter [t]; Share to Facebook [f]; Share to Pinterest [  ]; or Google [G+1]. 

To re-broadcast go to the very bottom of the news release post to select and use one or all of these re-broadcasting features.  Send this news to you loyal customers and have them forward the news release to their friends and family. See:

Start Promoting NOW!  These news release services are free to all WM vendors.  The benefits of FREE news release marketing, promoting and advertising can be very rewarding!  Use this sales support feature frequently.

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