For businesses seeking to grow there is a great opportunity beyond your local country borders.  This Article is by no means a comprehensive Article on exporting, but does provide information that can stimulate you to investigate the potential business growth and profits from entering into foreign markets.

This and other KB Articles provide an overview of how small and medium-size business can quickly and for little expense move into exporting and international trade and why that can be good for your business,   

Here are a few reasons exporting your products can be a positive growth plan for your business:

-To grow your business when the local market for your product(s) is mature or has reached market saturation

-To diversify your customer base that allows you to better weather domestic economic slowdowns and recessions

-If you have excess production capacity, to more fully use your facilities assets and prior capital investment

-To augment sales volumes during slow sales sessions in your local market

-To increase the value and cash flow from your business

Consider these FAQs on Exporting by Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

How risky is Exporting?

Exporting to most developed countries, such as the US, Canada, UK and segments of the EU, are usually lower risk.  That is especially true if you use World Markets as your eCommerce sales service provider.  World Markets uses fraud prevention tools, cyber security and hacker prevention technology plus, fraud prevention payment partners to reduce risks.  For other lesser developed countries there may be higher exporting risks.

How does a small business get started Exporting?

The good news is that by using the services offered by World Markets all small and medium-sized businesses can quickly expand into exporting products, selling internationally, with more simplicity, security and fewer risks.  You can move into exporting at your own desired pace; and with small and limited resources.  Simply visit World Markets site and sign up as a vendor.  Then begin loading your products to be sold.  There are no long term contracts.  You can stop selling at any time; and add or delete products at any time.

How are international payments addressed?

World Markets utilizes highly qualified and secure international payment partners.  As a WM vendor you must establish an account with one of more of our payment partners.  The customer’s product purchase transaction is processed securely through these WM payment partners and your the funds from the sale are deposited into your account with the payment partner.  You securely control and manage your account with the payment partners and use and transfer those funds from your account as you desire.

How large does a business need to be to start exporting?

There is no business size requirements to join and use the International sales services offered by World Markets.  You can start by exporting a single product or thousand of products.  You can at any time change prices, add and delete products, offer promotions, discounts, flash sales and many more features are available for your business to stimulate sales and target market for your products.  See the WM Knowledge Base (KB) for over 300 Articles that explain how to do it and the many features available to vendors to be a successful international exporter.

To learn more on Exporting and Interventional Sales use the Knowledge Base search service to locate relevant Articles.  Use the key search words: “Export,” “Cross Border Sales,” “Directory,” and “Foreign Markets”

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