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The Knowledge Base (KB) is designed to assist both customers and vendors in addressing topics, issues, subjects and questions which may arise in using the features and benefits offered by World Market (WM).


Below is a table which lists each of the more than 300 KB Articles listed by KB Number and Title.  To locate a KB Article, within the WM Support Center select the option “Knowledge Base.”  There will appear a Search Window which is used to find the Articles you desire to read and review.  The Focus column in the Table identifies the anticipated audience for the Article.  A “C” is for consumers/shoppers and the “V” is for product vendors/suppliers.


Number Search

If you desire to find a KB Article by the KB Article Numbergo to the “Search Type” window and select the “Article ID” option.  Set the Folder window to “All Folders.”  Then enter the desire KB Article number in the “Search” window and click on the “Search” button.  The Article title will appear; click on the Article Title and the compete Article will be provided.  


Title or Content Search

If you desire to find a KB Article by the KB Article Title or Content, go to the “Search Type” window and select the “Article Content” option.  Set the Folder window to “All Folders.”  Then enter the desire KB Article Title or the Content words or phrases in the “Search” window and click on the “Search” button.  The Article(s) titles that response to your request will appear; click on the Article Title and the compete Article will be provided.  


Folder Search  

If you desire to find KB Article(s) by the Folder Search option, go to the “Folder” window and select the Folder title you desire to review.  Click on the “Search” button.  The Article(s) titles that response to your request will appear; click on the Article Title and the compete Article will be provided.  


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If you can not find a KB Article that addresses your request, you may select the “Submit a Ticket” option and enter your request to the WM Support Team.


Listing of Knowledge Base (KB) Articles


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KB ArticleAudience       KB Article

NumberC and/or VTitle


KB 1                    (C&V)Directory- Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

KB 2  (C&V)World Markets The New Global Business Era

KB 3  ​  (V)Vendor Training Programs and Support

KB 4           (V)        Export- You Can Be A Small Business

KB (Export- Identifying Possible Markets  

KB 6 (V)Export- Finding Customers  

KB 7  (C&V)Consumer Satisfaction and Refunds

KB 8  (V)Vendor Performance and the Customer’s Feedback  

KB 9  (V)Resolving Customer Disputes and Providing Refunds  

KB 10  (C&V)When is a Purchase Request denied?  

KB 11  (V)Setting up a Vendor Account

KB 12  (V)Product Pricing Rules    

KB 13  (V)Steps in Listing a Product    

KB 14  (V)Creating and Maintaining a Product Listing    

KB 15  (V)SKUs for Better Product Tracking and Returns


KB 16  (V)Vendor Participation Fees

KB 17  (V)The World Market Vendor Account    

KB 18  (V)Promotion and Sale of Vendor Products

KB 19  (C&V)Support Center - User Names & Passwords   

KB 20 (V)Export- Preparing For Success   

KB 21 (C&V)Loading Funds into a PinPay Prepaid Account

KB 22  (V)The Need for a PinPay Vendor Account

KB 23  (V)Activating Discount and Coupon Offers

KB 24  (C)Using World Market e-Gift Certificates

KB 25  (V)Offering Coupons To Customers  

KB 26  (V)Offering Discounts Or Special Pricing  

KB 27  (C&V)Currency Conversion 

KB 28  (C&V)Collection of Sales Taxes

KB 29  (C&V)No VAT, GST, Sales Tax or Duties Refunds

KB 30 (V)Order Processing  

KB 31  (V)Vendor Payout  

KB 32  (C)Linking to Social Networks

KB 33  (V)Global Promotion

KB 34  (V)Using Targeted Advertising, Promotion And Branding

KB 35  (C&V)California Recycle Fee  

KB 36  (C&V)Defending Against Identity Theft    

KB 37  (C&V)Restricted And Prohibited Products   

KB 38  (C&V)Restricted And Blocked Countries, 

Parties and Websites   

KB 39(V)Vendor Protection from Fraud

KB 40  (V)Product Sales Territory Management

KB 41  (C&V)Beware of Fake and False Emails   

KB 42 (V)Shipping Procedure   

KB 43  (V)Vendor’s Shipping Options  

KB 44  (V)Vendor Account Processing   

KB 45  (V) Export- Information Sources  

KB 46  (V)World Market: Our Way of Business

KB 47  (V)World Market: Helps you Expand

in a Bad Economic Time   

KB 48  (V)Product Sales at World Market

KB 49 (V)List of Eliminated Online Business Fees  

KB 50  (V)Comprehensive Benefits at World Market

KB 51  (V)The Promotion Power

KB 52 (V)Security of Selling Prepaid Products  

KB 53 (V)Business Security at World Market

KB 54  (V)The World Market Edge in Cross-Border Online Sales

KB 55  (V)Seven Steps to be Successful in a Global Market    

KB 56  (C&V)Global Market Coverage

KB 57  (V)Benefits of having World Market as your Reseller

KB 58  (V)Profits from Global eCommerce Revolution   

KB 59  (V)Marketing, Selling and Distribution Terms

KB 60  (V)10 Steps to Become a Vendor

KB 61  (V)Joining the Second Revolution of eCommerce

KB 62  (V)Fear Not, Go Global   

KB 63  (V)Benefits for Charitable and Religious Organizations   

KB 64  (V)Benefits for the Travel Industry    

KB 65  (C&V)The Wish List Service    

KB 66  (V)Advantages of Online Cash Payments   

KB 67  (V)World Market: The World’s Largest Shopping Mall

KB 68  (V)Vendors Embrace Online Cash Based Shopping

KB 69  (V)The Marketing, Promoting and Service Package

KB 70  (V)Vendor Agreement   

KB 71  (V)Vendor Responsibilities   

KB 72  (V)Setting up Vendor Payout Criteria

KB 73  (V)Requirements for Opening a Vendor Account    

KB 74  (V)Vendor Rules and Procedures    

KB 75  (V)The Power of Free Shipping    

KB 76  (V)Shopping at World Market- Benefits   

KB 77  (V )Cash-based Online Payments

KB 78  (C)Customer’s Shopping Accounts

KB 79  (V)Available Vendor Business Solutions

KB 80  (V)Addressing Customer Concerns   

KB 81  (C&V)Reporting Customer Experience    

KB 82  (C)Reporting Purchase Problems   

KB 83  (C&V)The PinPay Prepaid Account    

KB 84  (C&V)Benefits of Paying with Prepaid Cash   

KB 85  (C &V)Back Order or On Order Products      

KB 86  (C&V)Concerned about Receiving a Partial Shipment?  

KB 87  (C&V)Missing Product upon Delivery   

K88  (C&V)Canceling an Order   

KB 89  (C)Handling Product Returns

KB 90  (C&V)Shipping and Delivery Restrictions   

KB 91  (C&V)Special Shipping Rules and Charges   

KB 92  (C)Events and Party List Notice and Gift Registry  

KB 93  (C&V)How to Edit World Market Shopping

Account Information  

KB 94  (C&V)How to Change World Market Shopping

Account Password  

KB 95  (C&V)How to Edit PinPay Account Information    

KB 96  (C&V)How to Change PinPay Prepaid Account Password  

KB 97  (C&V)How to Change World Market Shopping

Account Information   

KB 98  (C&V)Ways to Search for a Product    

KB 99  (C&V)How to Use a World Market Coupon Discount   

KB 100  (C&V)How to Use a World Market Vendor Issued Discount   

KB 101 (C&V)Loading your PinPay Prepaid Account using a Credit


KB 102  (C&V)Participating in Vendor Rebate Programs   

KB 103  (C&V)Opening a PinPay Prepaid Account    

KB 104  (C&V)When Password is Compromised or Stolen

KB 105 (C&V)When Gift Certificate PIN Code is Compromised

or Stolen  

KB 106   (C)Why a PinPay Prepaid Cash Account is needed

KB 107  (C)Customer Spending Controls

KB 108  (C&V)The Need to Open Multiple Accounts  

KB 109  (C&V)Why a World Market Shopping Account is needed 

KB 110  (C)Privacy and Financial Security

KB 111  (V)Vendor Issued Gift Cards 

KB 112  (C)Buying Customized Products and Items   

KB 113  (V)How to List and Sell Custom Orders and Items  

KB 114 (V)Selling Custom Orders and Items    

KB 115  (V)Vendor MUST Setup Warehouse Location

KB 116  (V)Power-UP Your Existing Sales Network

KB 117  (V)Introducing a New Opportunity

KB 118 (C&V)Loading your PinPay Prepaid Account from a 

Bank Account

KB 119   (C)Customer Benefits at World Market  

KB 120  (C)Customer Shopping Actions and Money Flow

KB 121  (V)Selling Vendor Actions and Money Flow

KB 122  (V)PinPay and World Market Vendor Services 


KB 123  (C&V)PinPay Account Agreement

KB 124  (C&V)World Market Account Agreement

KB 125 Reserved

KB 126 Reserved

KB 127 Reserved

KB 128  Reserved

KB 129  (C&V)Security of Your Data

KB 130  (C&V)Our Support Policy  

KB 131  (C&V)Shopping Cart Processing   

KB 132  (V)Vendor Training  

KB 133 (C&V)VAT, GST and other Tax Rates, 

Rebates References

KB 134  (C)Party Notices   

KB 135  (V)Code of Conduct

KB 136  (C&V)World Market Legal Use, Software Licenses

and Data Disclaimer

KB 137  (C&V)World Market Privacy Policies

KB 138 (V)The Term Vendor 

KB 139  (V)Prepaid Pay-Online-With-CASH: Vendor Advantage

KB 140  (V)The Globe’s Newest Market

KB 141  Reserved

KB 142  (V)Using Innovation to Grow Sales and Profits

KB 143  (V)The Growth of eCommerce

KB 144  (V)Cross-Border Growth

KB 145  (V)Market Planning    

KB 146  (V)Targeted e-Discount Coupon  

KB 147  (C&V)Terms of Use

KB 148  (C&V)PinPay Legal Use, Software Licenses and Data 


KB 149 (C&V)PinPay Privacy Policies  

KB 150  (C)Your Shopping Experience  

KB 151  (C&V)Language Translations  

KB 152  (C)Great Value at World Market

KB 153(V)How to Search for a Product  

KB 154  (V)Timing and Success  

KB 155  (V)Loyal Online Customers: A Business Secret   

KB 156  (V)Transaction Fulfillment   

KB 157  (V)How to Access the Vendor Product Services


KB 158  (V)How to Manage Sales Orders and Data  

KB 159  (V)How to Add and Edit New Product Listings  

KB 160  (V)US Based Taxability Information Code (TIC)   

KB 161  (V)The META Elements 

KB 162  (V)How to Manage Listed Products   

KB 163  (V)How to Set Extra Data Fields    

KB 164  (V)How to Add a Manufacturers List   

KB 165 (V)What is a Purchase Discount  

KB 166  (V)Vendor Coupons and Discount Coupons

KB 167  (V)How to Set Destination Zones    

KB 168  (C&V)Tax Rates, Collections and Refunds  

KB 169  (V)How to Import Data  

KB 170  (V)How to Export Data  

KB 171  (V)How to Use Update Inventory  

KB 172  (V)How to Access the Operational Summary  

KB 173  (V)How to Add a Purchase Discount  

KB 174  (V)How to Delete Products 

KB 175  (V)How to Generate HTML Links  

KB 176  (V)How to Clone Product Listings  

KB 177  (V)How to Modify Product Details   

KB 178  (V)How to Preview Product Details  

KB 179  (V)How to Update Inventory Quantities and Price Details   

KB 180  (V)How to Define Shipping Charges  

KB 181 (V)How to Manually Setup Defined Shipping   

KB 182  (V)Examples of How to Setup Shipping Charges  

KB 183  (V)Different Shipping Options and Processes  

KB 184  (V)The Product Details   

KB 185  (V)How to Set a Shipping Territory  

KB 186  (V)How to Set the Warehouse Locations   

KB 187  (V)Real-Time Shipping Warehouse Rules  

KB 188  (V)The Shipping Markups   

KB 189  Reserved

KB 190  (C&V)The World Market Gift Registry  

KB 191  (C&V)How to Search for a Product using Products Map 

KB 192  (V)Using Flash and Other Short Term Sales

to Motivate Buyers 

KB 193  (C&V)Vendor Issued Purchase Discounts  

KB 194  (C&V)Customer real-time delivery selection options

do not match warehouse available  

KB 195  (C&V)Unauthorized Products and Sellers 

KB 196  (V)Defining your Taxability Information Code (TIC)

to address US sale tax liabilities and refunds 

KB 197  (V)Correctly Providing Product Weight and Shipping Box 


KB 198  Reserved

KB 199  (V)  Vendor Application Procedures and Operating Rules  

KB 200  (V)How to Use Manufacturers features  

KB 201  (V)World Market Opens GBS Market  

KB 202  Reserved

KB 203  (V)World Market Offers Key Suggestions

on eCommerce Selling 

KB 204  (V)World Market Delivers Global High-Tech

Real-Time Shipping 

KB 205(C)  Damaged and Defective Products  

KB 206  Reserved

KB 207  (V)Shipping Costs and Time Estimates  

KB 208  (V)Introduction to Shipping Logistics  

KB 209  (V)Using Product Configurator  

KB 210  (C&V)Copyright Infringement Notification Form 

KB 211  (C&V)Counter Copyright Notification Form 

KB 212  (C&V)Court Order Notification Form  

KB 213  (C&V)Circumvention of Copyright Notification For

KB 214  Reserved

KB 215  (C&V)Unauthorized Content Notification Form 

KB 216  (C&V)World Market Copyright Protection, 

DMCA Policy and Unauthorized  Content 

KB 217  (V)Vendor & Provider Definitions 

KB 218  (C&V)World Market Privacy Policies  

KB 219  (C&V)Returns and Refunds  

KB 220  (C&V)Gift Certificates  

KB 221  (C&V)World Market Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions   

KB 222  (V)Product Pricing   

KB 223  (C&V)Loading a PinPay Prepaid Account

Using SWIFT Wire   

KB 224  (C&V)PinPay Prepaid Account Terms and Conditions  

KB 225  (C&V)Customs and Duties   

KB 226  (C&V)Loading a PinPay Prepaid Account Using US Fedwire  

KB 227  (C&V)PinPay Cookies Policy

KB 228  Reserved

KB 229  (C&V)Loading a PinPay Prepaid Account Using

US Online Banking and Mobile Services 

KB 230 (C&V)World Market Cookie Policy

KB 231  Reserved

KB 232  (C&V)Loading a PinPay Prepaid Account Using

Bitcoins or Other Virtual Currencies 

KB 233  (C&V)Loading a PinPay Prepaid Account Using

EU/UK Banking and Mobile Banking Services

KB 234  (C&V)Loading a PinPay Prepaid Account Using

Interac eTransfer Service

KB 235  Reserved

KB 236  (V)Providing Vendors with Power Marketing Service

KB 237  (V)Wisely Selecting an eCommerce Partner

KB 238  (V)How to Become a Vendor  

KB 239  (V)How to List a Product 

KB 240  (V)How to Use the Different Shipping Options

and Processes 

KB 241  (V)How to Collect Sales Tax and from who do I collect.   

KB 242  (V)How to Address Customs and Duties in Cross-Border 

Sales and Product Delivery

KB 243  (C&V)How to Handle Exchanging Currency 

KB 244  (C&V)How to handle Damaged and Defective

Products Requests  (? Is this a duplicate??)

KB 245  (C&V)How to Use Gift Certificates 

KB 246  (V)How to select and use key search power words  

KB 247  (C&V)How Does World Market Address Sales, 

VAT and GST taxes? 

KB 248  (C&V)Collection and Payment of Sales, Use, 

VAT, GST and Other Taxes 

KB 249  (C&V)WM Policy on Tax Computation, Collection

and Payment

KB 250  (V)Remanufactured, Refurbished, Certified, 

Warranty and Previously Owned

KB 251  (V)Hong Kong Vendors Delivery Service Option

KB 252  (V)India Vendors Delivery Service Options 

KB 253  (V)China Vendors Delivery Service Options

KB 254  (V)Air Travel Agents and Operators Services

KB 255  (V)Travel and Accommodations Agents

and Operators Services

KB 256  (V)Real Estate Marketing and Sales Services 

KB 257  (V)Periodic Payments and Deposit Services 

KB 258  (V)Rental Sales- Vehicle, Marine and Other Equipment 

KB 259  (V)Knowledge and Learning Agents

and Operators Services 

KB 260  (V)High Valued Vehicles and Equipment

Marketing and Sales 

KB 261 (V)Group Tour Agents and Operators Services 

KB 262  (V)Gold, Silver, Platinum and Precious Metals Sales 

KB 263   (V)Diamonds and High Valued Gem Stones Sales 

KB 264   (V)Customized Products and Services Sales 

KB 265  (V)Cruise Line Agent and Operators Services

KB 266  (C&V)About World Market and PinPay 

KB 267  (C&V)Featured Products  

KB 268  Reserved

KB 269  (C)Product Reviews and Ratings

KB 270   (V)Marketing Services

KB 271  (C&V)Funds Pending     

KB 272   (V)Consumer Demand For Cross-Border

eCommerce Services 

KB 273  (V)Regularly Revise Your Marketing Plan   

KB 274   (V)Going Global- A Growth Prospective

KB 275   (C&V)Payment Fraud Vanquished

KB 276   (V)Move More Product

KB 277   (V)Special Sales

KB 278  Reserved

KB 279  Reserved

KB 280  Reserved

KB 281  (C&V)Account Loading with an Irrevocable

Payment Order or Agreement    

KB 282  (V)Exports, Imports, Customs, Taxes and Duties

Responsibilities and Resources

KB 283  (V)How to pick a Product Category 

KB 284  (V)Product Keywords/ Description Sample 2  

KB 285  (V)Product Keyword / Description Sample

KB 286  (V)Product Listing Sample

KB 287  (V)How to load your Product Image Sample

KB 288  (V)How to remove the word "Clone" sample

KB 289  (C&V)Regulatory Identification Compliance – 

Request for Photo ID  

KB 290  Reserved

KB 291  (V)Using Interac eTransfer for Earnings Transfers  

KB 292(V)Vendor Payout Procedure and Transfer Fees 

KB 293  Reserved

KB 294  (C&V)Regulatory Compliance – Account Balance Limit  

KB 295Reserved

KB 296  (C&V)Processing Fees for PinPay Prepaid Account

Loading Services 

KB 297  (C)Account Protection and Customer Purchase

Limits and Agreement

KB 298  Reserved

KB 299  (V)Product Tracking and Vendor Payments

KB 300   (V)Pending and Available World Market Vendor Funds   

KB 301  (C)Customer Planning for Product Delivery

KB 302  Reserved

KB 303  (V)How to Change a World Market Vendor

Account Password 

KB 304  (C)  How to Change a World Market Customer

Account Password 

KB 305   (V)Vendor Product Promotional Submittal 

Guidance and Rules 

KB 306  (V)New Approach to Selling Entertainment

and Products 

KB 307  (V)Selling Group Tours on World Market 

KB 308  (V)Selling Travel and Room Nights on World Market

KB 309  (V)Having Someone Else Compute and

Collect Sales Taxes in the U.S. 

KB 310  (V)Toys Fun Global Sales 

KB 311  (V)Hotel, Motel, B&B, Accommodations Global 

Promotions and Sales

KB 312  (V)Selling Pet Products Globally for Cash! 

KB 313   (V)Health Supplements- Sell Direct to the Global Market  

KB 314  (V)Selling Diamonds and Jewelry for CASH, 

Globally- A Huge Market! 

KB 315  (V)Selling Baby Items Online for CASH, Globally,

A Big Market! 

KB 316  (V)Selling Sports Items for CASH, Globally- 

A Billions Buyer Market! 

KB 317 (C)Customer Shipping Policies 

KB 318  (V)Keeping Product Returns to a Minimum  

KB 319  Reserved

KB 320 (V)Going Global The Sure-Way to Boost Revenues! 

KB 321(V)Tying It Altogether Using Unified eCommerce Service

KB 322  (V)Global Sales- You Can Do It We Will Help! 

KB 323  (V)More Sales Growth With Case Sales 

KB 324  (V)Boost Your Average Order Value 

KB 325  (C&V)Policies and Responsibilities on Sales,

Use, VAT, GST and Other Taxes 

KB 326  (V)Sales Success Using Multi-Channel Messaging

KB 327  (V)Multiple Distribution Channels Means More Sales   

KB 328  (V)What Products Should You Sell Online? 

KB 329  (V)7 Billion People to Reach – Use One Unique Online

Store for Your Products to Be Seen and Close a Sale!

KB 330  (V)Cross-Border Sales - Being There

is Halfway to Success

KB 331  (V)Taking on the Amazon Giant And Winning!  

KB 332  Reserved

KB 333  (V)Maximizing Profits Through Retention Marketing 

KB 334  (V)Increase Sales by Closing On Viewing Shoppers 

KB 335  (V)Increasing the Bottom Line – Profits 

KB 336  (V)How to Create a Great WM Published News Release 

KB 337  (V)How to Submit a News Release -

Announcing WM Participation  

KB 338  (V)How to submit a news release for a product

marketing and promotional program

KB 339  (V)How to Submit a news release for a NEW Product   

KB 340  (V)How to Obtain Vendor News Release Images    

KB 341  (V)How to Create and Post a News Release  




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