Is your business seeking a marketing and sales approach that will increase your sales of online listed products?  Do you want higher sales closing rates from online viewers of your products?  Would you like higher average ticket sale dollar amounts per shopper?  

There are multiple solutions to these questions and some are addressed in the World Markets KB Article titled: “Boost Your Average Order Value.”  The four “proven” successful techniques addressed in the referenced KB Article are:

Value Packaging

Case/Bulk Sales

Free Shipping

Free Gift

Review and study these subject in the referenced KB Article and determine how you business can utilize each technique.

World Markets, with a unique proprietary global service, is an additional means of increasing: sales, shopper closing rates and higher average ticket sales.

By listing products at World Markets a potential of over 3.7 billion new online customers are able to review and purchase your products.  That is an enormous opportunity for increased sales.  The formula is very simple:

Over 3.7 billion Online Global Shoppers (+ Plus) Many Product Promotional Services in 66 Languages (= Equals) Increased Sales

Article ID: 334, Created On: 3/1/2016, Modified: 1/18/2018