Prior to acceptance, a World Markets (WM) vendor applicant must be currently offering a tangible product, be established and providing these products to customers, have an established return policy, a fully functioning customer service program, have a shipping and delivery system in place, and must be shipping all merchandise from an identifiable distribution location.

The World Markets applicant may be required to supply requested current documentation about the business, management and operations prior to approval and full acceptance. 

World Markets does not take physical possession of any listed or sold merchandise. All manufacturing, warehousing, order fulfillment (including shipping and delivery), product returns and customer service issues are the total reasonability of the vendor.

The accepted vendor is also fully responsible for learning how to enter products into the World Markets listing service. The vendor must upload entries of their products and accurately maintain posted entries. These entries must include a product title, price, product description, shipping and delivery details as well as other required data. A product image is also mandatory. All product entry descriptions must be in English, and must be priced in USD (US dollars). 

If the vendor offers free shipping to a specified destination, or number of destinations, and chooses to not include all of the vendor’s service area in the free shipping offer, the vendor should list the free shipping offer as one product with free shipping and set the distribution of that product to the free destination only. The vendor should list a second by identical product with same image and text but defined for delivery to the non-free shipping location customers.

For free shipping offers, the posted purchase price must include all costs owed and to be paid to World Markets, and the product descriptive text should define the terms and conditions of the free shipping offer. 

If shipping of the product is to be according to a defined or fixed shipping rate, the product descriptive text should define the shipping terms.

If the shipping rates and delivery schedules are to be estimated in real-time and allow for shipping options to be made by the buyer, referred to as Real-Time (RT) shipping, the product description should include notice of this service.

If the vendor is using the RT shipping option or the mark-up RT shipping options they are required to directly open and maintain a shipping account with the one or more of the World Markets approved RT shippers. Subject to change without notice, the following are currently authorized shippers: UPS, DHL, FedEx, US Postal Service, Canada Post and Australia Post.

The vendor authorizes World Markets to obtain shipping cost estimates from such shipping service provider and authorizes World Markets to add that cost to the total product price according to the pricing and costing formulas and to collect all fees and costs from the purchasing customer.

When required, World Markets will compute, collect and pay the US based sales taxes owed to taxing agencies from each product sale. World Markets does not collect any use taxes and any actual or potential non-US owed sales or other taxes. World Markets does not provide any VAT tax refunds or other tax refunds. Any US sales tax exemptions are to be obtained by the vendor and provided to World Markets in the product’s Tax Information Code (TIC). Vendor is responsible and liable for providing true and correct TIC data, and true and correct vendor warehouse location address data.

Following the purchase transaction, World Markets and the Payment Partner will credit to the vendor the net funds owed the vendor from the product sale and timely deliver these credits to the vendor. World Markets and the Payment Partner provides vendor with options for the means of delivery of credits owed to vendor, and the destination of the payments.

Any failure of a vendor to timely and professionally perform these vendor responsibilities and comply with the procedures and rules are grounds for immediate removal of all vendors’ products from World Markets and the Payment Partner, and authority for World Markets to impose and collect from the vendor all associated fines and penalties leveled on the vendor. World Markets retains the right to collect funds owed to World Markets and/or Payment Partner from any and all vendor, and related personal, accounts with World Markets and the Payment Partner.

Vendors are required to open both a World Markets vendor account and a Payment Partner vendor account and to use the Payment Partner vendor account to pay fees, costs or fines due to World Markets and/or our Payment Partner.

Vendor is aware and accepts the costs and fees due to World Markets vary by the activities and services provided by World Markets.

The vendor application filing or registration to open one or more World Markets vendor account is free for the first year; thereafter the annual service fee is $65. 

World Markets retains, without vendor recourse, the sole discretion to accept or reject any vendor application and all product items submitted to World Markets for listing; to require product title, image, pricing and descriptive text revisions or replacements and to receive verification and validation of the ownership and property rights associated with any product or items submitted for listing at World Markets.

Vendor is aware and agrees World Markets has a list of restricted countries and territories to which no products sold at World Markets are to be delivered and no vendor is to operate from.

Vendor is aware and agrees World Markets has a list of restricted products and services, which cannot be sold at World Markets without special approval as well as a prohibited products list that are not to be listed on World Markets.

Part of this discussion is a summary of the World Markets Procedures and Operating Rules. The complete set of rules and procedures are provided in the formal agreements between the parties provided as one or more KB Articles.  Search the KB Articles with key words to find the relevant Articles.

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