World Markets provides all registered customers the ability to create Gift Registries for different events.  You may desire a Gift Registry for a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, a baby shower or any other events.  

Gift Registries are great for coordinating and managing events, as well as addressing products on the Wish lists.  They allow you to sort out products by events according to the products you like for that specific occasion.  You may inform your friends about your wishes and keep track of the products being bought.

Each event has the following set of fields: Status - public/private/disabled; Title; Event Date; Description and Guestbook. These are shown to the guests in the events list and in the wish list of that event. You can click on the “View event wish list” to check on the item.


The content created by the author may include information about the place and the time of the event.  This content is viewed when a guest visits the event’s wish list.


The event wish list contains a set of products a customer wants for a particular occasion, which includes World Market Gift Certificates and configurations.



As the creator and manager of the Event you can:

1. Control who can access the event information and the event wish list.

2. Create a “Recipients list” which contains a list of names and their corresponding e-mail addresses of event participants to whom notifications and event wish list contents are to be sent.

3. Edit and preview the e-mail notification content.

4. Use a guestbook where visitors can leave messages regarding the event.

5. Move products between event wish lists and the main wish list (any product can be added to the event wish list only through the main wish list)

6. Track the amount of purchased products in event wish list



How to Create an Event

Events may be created in one of these ways:

1. through the main wish list: Click the “Wish list” link located on the left pane of the window and select “Add new event”.

2. through the “Gift Registry”: Click the “Gift Registry” link located on the left pane of the window and select “Add new event”.


Fill in the form:


The “Status” field displays the current state of an event and sets the access level for visitors of the site.  The levels include:

Public - where all visitors can see and buy products from the event wish list.

Private – only registered users whose e-mail addresses were entered in the recipients list can see and buy products from the event wish list.

Disabled - the event is not accessible to users.

Note that until an event has products in the wish list and has a recipient list you must set the status to “Disabled”.

You need to enter a description of the event in the “Description” field. This content will be shown on the event search results page.



How to Add a Recipient on the List

The “Recipients list” contains information about all recipients of a specific event including the name, e-mail, and the current status.


To add a recipient, simply type in the name and his email address and click the “Update” button. The data will then be added on the list.

To avoid the message being diverted by spam blockers, each recipient should confirm their participation in the list of event delivery. You should perform the following actions:

1. Mark checkboxes opposite to the recipient’s name.

2. Send a request to confirm the recipient’s participation by clicking on the “Send confirmation request” button. The current status will be displayed in the field “Status”, containing the status "Sent" and the date of the activity.


The notification sent will contain an offer to confirm or cancel the recipient’s participation. The letter may somewhat look like this:


Mr./Ms. [Sender name] has sent this event invitation for you.

Dear [Recipient name],

Your e-mail address has been included into the Gift Registry's mailing list for (the event title).

Please confirm or decline your participation by clicking on the links below.

Click here to Confirm your participation:

Click here to Decline your participation:


Thank you for using

World Markets

For you global shopping needs 


After the recipient chooses one of the options, his participation will either be cancelled or confirmed, and the confirmation date will appear besides the current status, either “Confirmed” or “Declined”.



How to Use the Guestbook

Recipients can leave their messages and comments regarding any event in the Guestbook. To post a message to the Guestbook, the recipient must enter his name, the subject and his message.


Filling in all the fields is a must. The owner of the event can also answer and delete messages, and his replies are highlighted.



How to Add Products to the Event Wish List

You can add products and Gift Certificates to events wish list. Just go to the World Markets homepage where you can see the display of all products. Select the product you want to add and click the down arrow on the “Add to list...” button.


Choose the event and click the right arrow to add the product directly into that event’s wish list.

You can also add the product to the general wish list, and then move it to an event’s wish list. Simply click the “To wish list” button and you will be routed to the Wish list window. You can now partially or fully move the product to the desired event.


Partial moving means handling the product’s quantity where you move lesser items than the total quantity. Full moving means transferring all items to the event’s wish list.

The functionalities of event wish list is the same as the main wish list, thus you can:

  • add a product to the cart;
  • delete a product from the wish list;
  • change the amount of product items; and
  • see a detailed information about the product.




How to Search for an Event

Go to the bottom of the left pane and click on “Search for events”. This will direct you to the “Search for events” form.


All site visitors can look through the events that have “Public” statuses and can purchase products included in the events’ wish lists.

Only registered users whose e-mail addresses are included in the recipients list of that event can look through “Private” events.

An event search is fulfilled by the following criteria:

  • template of the event owner’s name
  • event owner’s e-mail,
  • a key word for search in the header and product description,
  • event status, and
  • timeframes of an event.

If no search criteria are assigned, all events of the database will be displayed.



How to Purchase Products from the Event’s Wish List

Choose the product you want to purchase and click the “Add to cart” button. The product will be transferred to your shopping cart, containing the quantity as defined in the wish list. If you are not satisfied with these settings, you can change them right in the shopping cart and click the “Update item” button. Make sure the “Buy this as a present for the event    (Event name)    ” is checked. Click the “Checkout” button to proceed.

Shipping and taxes cost calculations are made depending on appropriates sales tax rules.  The purchased products are then sent to the address.



E-mail Notification

To successfully send a notification about any event there should be at least one recipient in the recipient list who confirmed his participation.

On the E-Mail Notification page you can edit the text of the notification, indicating the subject of the e-mail and the way of posting, which can either be HTML page or plain text. It is highly recommended to preview your text message before sending.



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