World Markets allows you to use HTML links to present your product image, product description and other data on any HTML pages, like a different website.

A good example is placing a description and a thumbnail image of one or all of your World Markets listed products on an external page on the Web. You can provide an “Add to cart” button next to the description, so visitors of this external page can purchase the product directly from there.

Viewers who clicked on the link will be redirected to the shopping cart section of World Markets; therefore their further steps towards placing an order will be the same as those customers ordering a product directly from the World Markets shopping catalog.

To automate this process and to further expand the awareness of your listed products, World Markets gives you a built-in capability to generate HTML codes which can be integrated into HTML pages to create links to your products. Just highlight the “Catalog” tab and click “Products”. Search the product you want to create an HTML link for and mark the checkbox before the SKU number of the item. Click the “Generate HTML-links” button at the bottom of the “Search results” window and World Markets will generate the codes for you.


World Market supports three types of HTML links:

Link to product thumbnail’- allows you to insert product thumbnail images into any HTML pages.


Simple HTML link to add 1 product to cart’- allows a visitor of an external page to add a single product to the shopping cart.

Advanced HTML link with selectable quantity and product options support’ - allows a visitor of an external page to see the price of the product and select the number of items he wishes to add to the shopping cart.

Once you hit the “Generate HTML-links” button, all these three types are automatically generated. You have an option to choose one or a combination of a thumbnail link and any of the other two links. You can now copy the HTML code for the desired link(s) and paste it to a web page.

For some types of server systems, it is more effective to manually type the code into the desired location because there are instances that pasting interjects some hidden codes that could results in a linkage failure.

Article ID: 175, Created On: 12/15/2012, Modified: 10/31/2017